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Handling IRS Problems Through Bankruptcy 

Bankruptcy is often, but not always, the best method to resolve IRS issues. In certain instances, IRS debt may be discharged or eliminated altogether in bankruptcy. Nondischargeable IRS debt may often be reorganized and paid through a bankruptcy plan. Even if your taxes can’t be handled in Chapter 7, they can often be reorganized by filing Chapter 13

Elimination Of Tax Debt Through Chapter 7 Filing

As long as the IRS has not placed a lien upon any property concerning tax debt, it may be possible to eliminate that IRS debt through a Chapter 7 filing. And even if the IRS does have a lien upon your property, a Chapter 7 filing can eliminate other debt you may owe to free up your money to pay off the tax lien. Understanding how this works and whether you qualify can be confusing and challenging. That’s why it is important to work with an experienced attorney like Vicky Fealy, who can evaluate your particular circumstances and provide trustworthy advice.

Speak With A Board-Certified Attorney

At The Fealy Law Firm, PC, founding attorney Fealy* has focused on debt relief as her legal practice for more than 25 years. She has helped thousands of local individuals and businesses find the right debt management solutions, from bankruptcy to payment plans and more. If you are facing issues with the IRS, our experienced debt attorney can help you uncover your legal options inside and outside of bankruptcy before dealing with tax issues. Call 713-568-4491 or complete our contact form to schedule your free and private consultation today. Se habla español. 

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