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Bankruptcy can be caused by circumstances beyond your control. Our lawyers are here to help you take back control of your finances and get out of debt.


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Legal Guidance for Overcoming Financial Challenges in Houston, TX

Insurmountable debt can truly happen to anyone. Even if you work hard at your job, even if you are financially responsible and do everything you can to live within your means, life happens. Maybe you got sick and the medical bills spiraled out of control. Maybe you got laid off and had to use credit cards to keep your family housed and fed. Maybe you fell prey to payday loans out of necessity when you had just begun a new job and had bills due before your first paycheck came in. Maybe divorce or circumstances beyond your control reduced your family income from two incomes to one or less. There are many ways that debt can sneak up on a person. Fortunately, there is a way to manage this debt that does not involve trying to keep track of many different monthly payments while accruing interest charges.

Bankruptcy Experience

Over 3 Decades of Bankruptcy Experience

With our knowledge of bankruptcy laws and our experience helping clients through this process, we can help you achieve relief from your debts.

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We have provided expert legal assistance to thousands of Houston residents and businesses

Depending on the needs of your family or your business, our attorneys will identify the type of bankruptcy that will help you the most. Factors like your ability to keep making payments toward your debt and what assets you have will influence what type of bankruptcy is likely to be best for you. You have more options than you might think. In some cases, we are even able to help our clients avoid bankruptcy by negotiating directly with their creditors, especially when hospital care or a credit card is a major source of debt.

If filing for bankruptcy is the right solution for you, you still have options. Liquidation bankruptcy, legally called Chapter 7 bankruptcy for individuals and businesses, may work best if you have fairly limited assets and much of what you own is exempt from liquidation. Restructuring bankruptcy, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, can create a repayment plan that lasts only 3-5 years before all further debt is waived.

Vicky Fealy does as the website says - helping good people through tough times.

She and her team helped me years ago and got me through a rough patch. There was never a question that wasn't answered or an area where I was left uninformed or vulnerable.



With Our Help, No Debt is Insurmountable. You Have a Path to Complete Debt-Freedom

Attorney Fealy understands the stress having debt you cannot pay can put on you, your family, or your business. We have strategies for business owners that can help you stay open and keep operating while you work towards profitability. If you are an individual in debt, and you worry about your family "losing everything" in bankruptcy, we can put those fears to rest. Many of your most important and necessary belongings, like your home, retirement savings, vehicle, and furniture, may be exempt from liquidation.


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