Based on an analysis of Federal Reserve statistics and other government data, the average US household credit card debt stands at $15,609, counting only those households carrying debt. It is not uncommon for consumers to use credit cards for the convenience factor.  However, carrying even a small amount of credit card debt can quickly spiral out of control due to fees, interest rates, and minimum payments.  Missing even one payment can force increased interest rates and play havoc with your credit rating.

There are different options available for handling credit card debt when it has become unmanageable.  These options range from credit card debt defense to debt consolidation to relief under different chapters of the bankruptcy code.  A consultation with The Fealy Law Firm, PC will allow you a chance to review your options with an attorney who specializes in debt relief so that you may pick the best choice for your particular situation.  Whether you have one card which is carrying a large balance or many cards which you are juggling, the sooner you get advice, the sooner you are on the road to debt recovery.